Information On Earning An IT Diploma From Mantissa College

Course Information

Students with a strong interest offering clients IT solutions and/or imagining themselves creating their own online business would be well served to attend Mantissa College and earned a Diploma in Information Technology.

Completing the course will fully equip you with the solid practical and theoretical IT knowledge needed for the development of innovative IT applications for any industry. Students are taught all the latest concepts in IT support which ultimately result in the ability to deliver reliable services to clients.

In getting an IT diploma, each student will gather all of the skill and knowledge they need through the hands-on work that they do throughout the internship and course work. State-of-the-art software and equipment is used during classes, and all the methods employed are completely up-to-date. Diploma-holders who would like to advance their careers further will be able to do so because this course of study qualifies students to pursue additional higher education, for either professional or academic gain.

During the first year of the course, students will learn computer and programming basics, in addition to communication, research, writing and supplementary math subjects. These courses serve as a solid foundation for studying more advanced subjects such as network communication, information systems, media development and web development from

During the final year of the program, students will be able to apply for serving an internship with a company either within the country or overseas. Another requirement is an IT-related project whether students will be able to either utilize their own ideas for building a tech hub or new online business or work with at an IT firm.


Many possibilities for work are opened up by the course, whether it is private or public sector, or commercial or industrial sector. There are numerous specialized jobs for graduates to apply for within the IT industry. Graduates will be prepared to take on such jobs as:

– IT Technician – Maintain and monitor an organization’s information system.

– IT Support Service – Provide the necessary It support for companies and remote users needing it.

– Web Developer – Create marketable websites that are sustainable as well as interactive. The programming skills learned in school can be put to good use in this position.

– Network Technician – Learn the structures of networks and how they can be navigated through in order to pinpoint where the bad sectors are. Repair networks so that the flow around and within the company system is smooth.

– Game Programmer – Students will be able to create computer games by applying their programming knowledge. Couple them with their knowledge in physics and AI so that highly sought after games can be distributed.

– Mobile App Programmer – Work within the mobile application market and develop mobile applications of your own. The security and optimization of mobile app data are very important tasks that can be accomplished through patches and updates.

– IT Solutions Service Provider – Implement a business’s IT solutions, whether it is a database problem or computer algorithm problem. For many companies, cost-friendly and effective solutions are very popular choices.

– Online Marketing – Create your own marketplace, develop online marketing strategies to use, and manage the online sales cycle.


Graduates will work within the IT industry as an IT administrator, programmer, system analyst, web developer or network technician. You will be able to specialize in a certain IT aspect that will allow you to either build your very own business or advance your career within your chosen field.

Job security will greatly depend on you being able to gain and adopt new knowledge. Your diploma will prepare you to be able to learn additional programming languages since many of the languages work in a similar way, which also allows IT specialists to be flexible. You will be completely prepared to handle whatever challenges you encounter within the industry.

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